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We develop cross-plateform applications with a specific approach which allows us to deploy the same code base as a standalone application on several targets (windows, macos, linux, mobile...) or as a web application hosted on a linux server.

Our offer

You have a problem, need a software to solve it and wonder how to deal with this ?
Let's talk about the business, scientific and technical aspects of your project.

Finalized products

Ready-to-use software made and distributed by our team.

Scientific support

Study the state of the art to encourage research and support innovative approaches.

Technical expertise

Perform feasibility studies, guide technology choices and time-to-market estimations.

Software development

Perform or supervise software developments tailored to your needs.

Software distribution

Secure, sell and distribute your final product.

Online platform

API, platform and website creation.

Our expertise

Built with a strong proactive approach, all our products and services are not only meant to work but also to create a bridge between you, your field and our knownledge in computer science.

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