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Why SymAlgo?

We exist to make a full product from your project !


Prototype and tangible results are what we start with.


We are a team of passionate developers, scientists and designers


Highly skilled developers that value free thinking and new ideas.

Our services

What we can do for you and your project

Software development

You need an application and we can make it from scratch to target mobile, desktop or web deployment.

App modernization

You alrealdy have an app and you want to improve it.


You have an idea and you want to challenge it? We will create a prototype for you in no time !

Projects and results

Have a look into our projects


A custom 3D engine used in biophysics research.


An application to compute and visualize huge DNA pieces.


A tool to observe and record.


A simulation tool to make predictions about radiation dose absorbed by humans.

Admin interface

A custom web app to administrate a database

Update app

This is a desktop application that can connect with a device to upgrade its firmware.

Our amazing team

The humans behind the tech


Sylvain likes to design and guide his customer projects. It is his forte to build applications and simulations using SymAlgo tools ! He is the president and CTO of SymAlgo.


Coraline loves talking with our client to understand their work and their needs. Her main skills are marketing and sales !


Emmanuel is a front-end developer who really likes Javascript and all the fancy frameworks around it.

If you have a project and some funding: try us!

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