What do we use to make your projects?

A polyvalent toolkit

What is your context: Web, desktop or mobile?

Web application

We use Javascript a lot for web applications. It can be to create backends with NodeJS or to design beautiful interfaces with VueJS/Quasar. Php frameworks (Laravel, Symfony) are also commonly used by our team.

Desktop tool

The Qt library is our main tool to create destkop applications. Qt allows us to create apps that use QML, QWidgets or web technologies for their interfaces.

Mobile application

The Qt library provides a very nice base to build mobile applications on both iOS and Android but Cordova is also a possibility. Our team likes to include web based interfaces into mobile app to give them a modern touch.

Advise and adapt

What is the best stack for your project?

The perfect tech for your project is a matter of compromise. What is the best compromise given your budget, your requirements and your target? That is the question SymAlgo will help you to answer. Generally, we tend to advocate for the "code once, use everywhere and do small steps" methodology since it is fast, efficient and allows our customers to follow the progress of their apps. Companies working in science or electronics may like a C++ backend as it is extremely fast and easy to connect with their code. Others will be more comfortable with a NodeJS or Laravel server as it is very standard and easy to maintain.

SymAlgo specialized toolkit

The base for our products may be useful to you

SymAlgo very own tech

We would not be a real tech company if we did not develop some framework, isn't it? By working on different projects, we acquired enough knowledge to try something: mixing Qt and web developpement patterns to create something new. We succeeded: it gave us a flexible tool to make desktop, mobile or web apps. The resulting framework is compatible with several interface technologies (Qml, Widgets, html...) and quite easy to setup. We like to use it as we can build everything with it.